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How to hide my poor chess skills: usually, I do it by introduce concepts which disorient a good traditional chess player.

  • mix positions of pieces on board
  • suicide chess
  • mini chess
  • double/quadruple chess or more (put several boards side by side, pieces can move across boards as they do across one). There can be more than twice the number of pieces and kings
  • traitors chess: when captured, pieces switch sides instead of being killed and removed.
  • FPS multiplayer chess: when a piece is captured, it is respawned and it returns to its original position.
  • Supremacy chess: number of moves that can be made by a player successively increases with pieces taken
  • Pool/Stunned chess: when a piece is captured the player can make another move without waiting a turn.
  • More oxygen chess: player can take many moves without waiting a turn until a piece is captured.
  • Kung fu/speed chess. Players can make any turns at any time, even simultaneously with another player.
  • Power chess: when a piece makes a move that captures another move, it can make another turn like in checkers (rules should either allow only another possible capture or any move even not leading in a second capture)
  • Disabled chess: a random number of different pieces are said to be unable to do their duties. For example, rooks can be downgraded to pawns.
  • Multiplayer chess: use many boards to form a square large board, with pieces from different chess sets so they look different. Any player can attack any other player.
  • Homogeneous chess: all pieces are of one type

Make a webpage on rules for these and other chess variants, as well as where to play online or in tournaments, and any software that can handle the variants.