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If you are a spammer, stop reading and go kill yourself.

For the 10% of my readers who have a valid reason to research e-mail mailing lists, read on.

So as to not aid spammers, details will be left not exactly specific.

Note: email lists are no longer the hot topic on the web. Most people do not want to automatically become part of a mailing list, will not clearly remember when they get an email when they subscribed and why.

Any spreading of mass email must be done with adherence to local federal law, specifically the part about your recipients having an unsubscribe method, and complaint@, remove@, abuse@, postmaster@ mailboxes manned and processed. Also, you must clearly identify yourself.

You will not get into as much trouble if the list is an opt-in list, that users must actually check a checkmark to subscribe to. Of course, few people are interested in the lower subcription rate of such an option.

When choosing the program to send out mass e-mails, again, choose one that will comply with all of the regulations, with an unsubscribe option, one that watches bounces, etc. A third party paid solution like MailChimp or a program that you install on your server yourself like phplist should suffice.

How to gather e-mails