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The following article is a series of pictures of early blooming plants in New England area. I do not know the names of plants in the pictures. If you do, please let me know.

Planting these plants in your own garden will result in a garden that will bloom from the earliest of spring all the way to early summer.

Note: Rose bushes and plants flower from spring till fall. They are one of the best flowers if they are given a little care and attention.

I am not an "annual" plant kind of guy. I like perennials and fruit trees and bushes. Flowers are nice, but plant fruit trees and bushes to get a value from your garden. And don't go crazy with annuals -- stores like to sell them because it is a guaranteed yearly income. For you, it is a waste of money and hard labor every year. Don't complain to me -- I don't plant annuals.

Very early Spring (mid April)


R1 snowdrops very early spring.jpg

Early Spring (end of April)

Crab Apple -- early spring blooms (not pictured).


R2 dandelions early spring blooms.jpg

Dwarf Cherry

R2 dwarf cherry early spring blooms.jpg

Japanese Cherry

R2 japanese cherry early spring blooms.jpg


R2 magnolia early spring blooms.jpg

May be Rhododendron tree

R2 may be rhododendron tree early spring blooms.jpg

Meadowlark Forsythia

R2 meadowlark forsythia early spring blooms.jpg

R2 purple flower early spring blooms.jpg


R2 rhododendron early spring blooms.jpg

R2 small flower early spring blooms.jpg

R2 small white flowers early spring blooms.jpg

R2 tiny grass flowers 2 early spring blooms.jpg

R2 tiny grassy flowers early spring blooms.jpg

R2 tiny purple flowers early spring blooms.jpg


R2 tulips early spring blooms.jpg

Weeping Cherry

R2 weeping cherry early spring blooms.jpg

R2 white flower tree early spring blooms.jpg

R2 white tree early spring blooms.jpg

Mid Spring (mid May)

R3 grassy flowers mid may.jpg


R3 lilac mid may.jpg

R3 pink bush mid may.jpg

R3 purple bush mid may.jpg

R3 purple tree 2 mid may.jpg

R3 purple tree mid may.jpg

R3 red bush 2 mid may.jpg

R3 red bush mid may.jpg

R3 red flowers mid may.jpg

R3 red tree mid may.jpg

R3 small red flowers bush mid may.jpg

R3 white tree mid may.jpg

R3 yellow bush mid may.jpg

Mid Spring (later May)

R4 pretty multicolor bushes 2 early june.jpg

R4 pretty multicolor bushes early june.jpg

R4 red tree closeup early june.jpg

R4 red tree early june.jpg

R4 white tree early june.jpg

Late Spring (beginning June)

Beginning June and going for a long time -- Lilac.

R5 dark bush early june.jpg

R5 multicolor bush early june.jpg

Rose Bush

R5 rose bush early june.jpg

Small Roses

R5 small roses early june.jpg

R5 white bush early june.jpg

R5 white tree early june.jpg

R5 big bushes early june.jpg

Early Summer (mid June)

R6 purple flowers mid june.jpg

R6 yellow flowers mid june.jpg

R6 hydrangea mid june.jpg