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MediaWiki has many arsenine stupidities.

First stupidity is that they want everything implemented in a wiki. Result? MediaWiki's own website is idiotic in navigation, and it is hard to find anything there. And they don't even have a forum!

Second arsenine stupidity is that they leave everything open for spammers and the like, and naively say "why would you want to put in any restrictions"???

There are a load of settings and extensions that must be enabled for any new MediaWiki installation. I will list that later.

At the moment, I want to note that there are no easy solutions to moderate new or unapproved wiki edits.

Their own idiotic feature is called "patrolling". Basically, people view edits after the fact. Someone is free to deface your main page, and it will stay so until you "patrol" all the edits and discover the change.

By default, even unregistered users can edit your wiki. That is one of those things you need to correct as soon as you install wiki you your own web site.

Now, they do have only two extensions to deal with unapproved edits.

First one is called FlaggedRevs, and it is too complicated for the singular task.

Second one is ApprovedRevs. You need to run the sql query before adding config lines to your config file. However, after you install the extension, it flags all of your existing pages as unapproved. You basically need to go thru all of your pages and approve them. I could not figure out how to run its ApproveAll script.

It is curious that MediaWiki itself uses FlaggedRevs.

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