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  • ignore all listed medical symptoms for a treatment or illness diagnosis since 100% of them fit 100% of illnesses and 100% of population. such diagnosis cannot be made on paper alone.
  • hidden silver and those virus eating bacteria countermeasures against a pandemic, develop for each possible virus type lk h5n1
  • research + try alternative medicine devices, alt medicine, methods, books
  • RA natural/safe fast-acting headache remedies besides nap, aspirin, tylenol, etc. also how safe aspirin/tylenol is.

Super medicine:

  • Silver colloid
  • White gold
  • Bio generator
  • right DNA irradication
  • Salt patches
  • IR body wraps
  • IR bathing
  • cryogenic bathing

Stupidities of the medical system:

  • medical insurance covers idiotic small payments like office visits and prescriptions, but it is uncertain whether it will cover a catastrophic bill.
  • Possibility of outrageously huge bill for a single thing if treated in hospital, possibly more than that person will actually make in several years of average work.
  • Zero treatment of chronic illnesses
  • hospitals are expected to do work that will not be paid, esp for people known to be unwilling to pay (non-citizens, etc). A government catastrophic-only universal coverage would pay hospitals for unpaid work.
  • Hospitals do not currently have a third-party payment planning service which will provide unbiased advice on how to pay for the services rendered and what help is available.

Soda drinks

  • Remove "zero" values
  • i Add pH measure. service: list ph of drinks and food. Web service: list pH measures.
  • service: compare amount of sugar in drinks, esp those in excess of 40g;