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Q: I get a message "No Basic Stamps found" ("Basic Stamp not found"). Or, my socketed Basic Stamp module runs hot to the touch.

A: Besides obvious cabling, driver, and correct COM port troubleshooting, make sure the Basic Stamp module is inserted properly. The dot should be on the lower left corder, or a notch in the middle of the left side. If you remove and install modules, you might have placed it upside down. If you did, or if it does not work and runs hot to the touch of your finger, call Parallax for a possible discount for a replacement.

Q: Why do my basic stamp do while and loop do not work properly?


  • wth basic stamp do while and loop do not work properly BECAUSE V2.5 DIRECTIVE WAS NOT USED


  • tell to include document for modules on the pdb
  • make pdf which will list boards with 20 pin appmod connector, and how to use it on other boards
  • can i use ANY appmod on the pdb
  • wallpapers are pathetic. include circuits so passer by will at least know we are not liberal arts idiots
  • real time chip documentation
  • all docs into one
  • LCD appmod cable
  • app mod notes
  • tree stooges prop source code from catalog
  • pro board does not use all pins of the 40 pin module
  • will not be able to find the clock crystal
  • appmods
  • usb port on bs should communicate both ways both before bs software run and during it
  • benchmarking: in addition to the connector that can scan pin values, add voltage and current sensing. when loaded with a standard program, can also measure current consumption and speed of outputs switching
  • where the hell does the 10 inch extension cable come from
  • Programmable logic component
  • right angle connectors, flexible extender cables, angled, right angle mounts (attaches to holes on board and module)
  • Displays, LCDs
  • RF communications, wired comm
  • fast chips, Propeller, BS joystick RC system, USB
  • Linear motors (presently replaced with solenoids)
  • Hovercraft
  • World's smartest alarm clock, intelligent alarm for light sleep wakeup (try dead man's switch/accelerometer)
  • motor control, motor control PCB (improved Motor Mind C), MOSFET Bridge Board, Relay Board; both boards: fuses, banana posts
  • reinstall PEEL PLACE, examine the programmable logic line, explore CPLD, PLD, FPGA, SPLD, PLA
  • double side solenoids / second solenoid + magnets + core + Soft iron
  • Heavy duty banana-alligator clips
  • Fixed 12, 18, 24 V power supplies
  • Optical/mechanical/magnetic position sensors
  • posts

Parallax Advanced board:

  • incorporates features not found in the pro board.
  • ignores basic stuff like buttons and leds
  • suitable for robotics and analog io


  • utilizes all 40 pins of the large module
  • accepts fast chips
  • app mods header and support
  • serial and parallel lcds, incl. large ones
  • motor control (stepper, analog)
  • relays (24v max)
  • voltage buck/boost, recharge, control/condition
  • usb
  • ethernet
  • buses for connection to other boards (flex ribbon cable)

propeller board:

fast io like:

  • big lcd screens
  • touchscreens
  • ethernet
  • mouse
  • keyboard
  • rf comm
  • usb
  • video overlay

ignore basic functionality like buttons, motors, leds, etc

solutions cubed:

  • heatsink
  • dedicated board without bs
  • higher current
  • bs code
  • broken website
  • intentionally short leads
  • socket for the short leads