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  • all forums required feature all content belongs to user who can download it including deleted posts. biil shifted and best forum solution. add to my universal best forum solution: my simple, clean, and shifted/indented/threaded/nested topic forum board that is required to have a donate page linking back to me from happy users of the forums. biil tree/shifted/indented/threaded/nested categorized forums
  • document threaded or indented comment and board solutions for those who want it

On internet message boards

  • my message board features: users can specify to not see specified other user's posts
  • i a forum is woefully insufficient and idiotic solution for recommendations and suggestions. forums introduce too much SNR and volume problems, while not allowing votes on individual ideas or suggestions
  • i automatic internet message board reliability problem detection and reporting

forum and commenting solution:

  • easy searches
  • users will be warned that they question/topic has already been answered or posted on before the clone the posts
  • realtime-alert user while he is typing of topics that match the text he is typing for him to check it out in another tab
  • tree display
  • ability to block certain users, all pictures, avatars, user-related content (avatar, large left column, signature, replies, etc)
  • automatically organize and archive topics after they are not used for a long time, while still keeping content on the forum. It just will not get in the way.
  • Alert when noone responds to a post in a visible manner.
  • Users can specify to back up their content
  • archive “answered” posts as either specified by user or voted by users.
  • Instead of each user posing yet another “me too” post, instead display a thumb up/thumb down count near topic title or body, which would silently indicate support/dislike of post.
  • If flaming is detected (same users replying to each other, or each tree branch too long), alert the webmaster and put a time/resource penalty for fast submissions (fe limit to one post per day in that topic)
  • setup an easy way for webmasters to see what people are talking about, features they request, requests for contact on board, ideas extraction, etc in an easy way

Message Board software

  • Shifted subtopics
  • Moderated
  • Meta/database search
  • Auto spell check
  • Restricted/special areas/users (ex. customers)
  • Combine/eliminate/cleanup
  • Idea account
  • FAQ module
  • Maintainers
  • suggestions/ideas account
  • "ignore topics by these users"
  • "ignore 0 replies posts"
  • "call admin/attention admin" feature
  • archive my posts option
  • metadata and tags

my forum software would be able to:

  1. automatically categorize/report information in categories
  2. be intelligent enough to tell developers when a particular bug or error is no longer reported (therefore telling them that it was fixed)
  3. be able to archive all obsolete error reports when a bug is fixed
  4. be intelligent enough to eliminate many support emails by providing answers before an email is sent or a post is posted (but at the same being smart, not obtrusive. ie don't just ask people to search first; they are too angry, just list all solutions right on the page.

if they do not want to handle their support (fe paid program, for-profit company, etc), they then can use my forum software for themselves.

they can

  1. use it by paying it for more than 1000 users
  2. consolidate all other forums & discussions into their forum (including old and obsolete forms)
  3. use it as a faq/forum/ideas/support/reports solution

for example: it was stupid how steam was giving me an undocumented error message that was meaningless, tech support did not know it, it was not on the bloated forums. when i went to the forums, they were >100 pages long. when a simple solution was to list ALL of the possible error messages dealing with firewall ports online

find or make a forum with shifted topics/discussions, simple backup/restore, and user-based archiving of topics.

also consolidate all stupid little forum software into one

For better-looking boards:

  • disallow animations
  • disallow signature text
  • shorten avatar/user details if post is too short vertically
  • disallow big or long avatars
  • disallow text below avatar
  • disallow big pictures
  • the above settings can be also user controlled