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This portal is an effort to try and test all e-mail contact form solutions on the Internet. Sadly, many are either very hard to install (especially for a novice), are too simplistic, or may be not even secure enough to protect your email and protect from spam.

  • since i have just spent a day trying to install a contact form on my website, i could try to prevent others from doing the same.
  • get an expert or do it myself. review absolutely all scripts out there for this purpose. make sure to outline any idiotic security or assumptions made by the scripts. provide absolutely complete examples for each category.
  • make a single universal community script
  • make sure it does not require anything to be installed.
  • provide a free remote form services
  • the idiotic "form" provided by my hosting service
  • at least five dysfunctional separate solutions on the internet.
  • requirements:
  1. must be integrateable into any webpage by default
  2. must be located only in the /contact directory, and not any other one
  3. must not require such things as .htaccess and permissions modifications
  4. must be free, open source, universal, and constantly reviewed
  5. must contain a subject field that can be set to text or a drop down list
  6. if possible, automatically detect the referring page or append conditions to subject line.
  7. all hosting services must be aware of it and provide as a service.
  8. detect referring pages, record in mail, and direct mail automatically based on keywords in subject dropdown, box, or mail body
  9. might use a subject dropdown, but with a mandatory "other" selection, where a new text area appears or is used.

people should always use form based email:

  • so that addresses cannot be scanned
  • they might think that one address might be sufficient, but a form would allow multiple addresses or people to receive categorized e-mail as company or number of mail grows.

e-mail form overview e-book:

  • mostly concentrate on open source solutions
  • maintain a web page
  • show how to integrate code into user page (single page, within page, popup, link, etc)
  • show a remote how solution by link or maintain one myself
  • briefly cover free, ad-supported, and commercial ones
  • must at least mention/critic absolutely all available on internet
  • very low price for impulse purchases of e-book ($5-10)