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  • Develop either a new FTP standard to allow all file operations possible to be done remotely or do it the Samba/SMB way and mount drives from servers on remote computer for local-drive-like work with server hard drives. This is required for both home computer networks, networks of different file systems/OSes, and work with remote internet servers/hosting providers. FTP replacement. develop a next gen ftp. open source server based ftp command like webspace explorer
  • new feature for ftp programs: update only differentially. wtf do ftp programs always rewrite all files? update/synchronize, not rewrite. Completely eliminate the idiotic same-filename dialogs on transfers, esp if they come up later when it is supposed to run unsupervised.
  • windows: ftp does not bind html files with their folder. My program will auto warn of this.
  • I was told that internet/browser apps cannot access local files for security. how come the ftp app can?
  • FTP replacement

ftp ideas:

  • filtered download (*.html)
  • files and folder and size of folders
  • sync
  • document idiotic option filezilla overwrite only if newer does not work (due to filesystem differences and file permissions differences?)
  • filezilla increase simult connections limit to 30
  • stupidity ftp managers do not see www as symbolic link to public_html
  • why no ftp sync option
  • no emergency stop in all dialogs in filezilla
  • kill ftp

new ftp client. since apparently everyone developing their own ftp clients see no problems with them, a new project should be started from scratch, combining and consolidating all other ftp client software.

  1. make the window as small as possible
  2. eliminate idiotic logs and text, as in filezilla on top
  3. eliminate all prompts about existing files, since that stinks like windoza. instead, always specify a mode such as "syncronize", and everything would be done automatically
  4. make the code also used for in-software uses such as a tab in firefox, on an online page, etc
  5. eliminate all options that a typical web designer would not understand to where that user will not see them. (it is done beautifully in firefox with about:config)
  6. make the ftp client feel absolutely like the user is working with a local folder. such things as drag and drop, file properties, size of folder, properties of folder, etc would all be implemented in a way that the user would not see a difference.
  7. the client would work natively with both OS, other software that incorporates it, etc. instead of one huge dedicated folder, as soon as the user logs in then that user does not need to know that this folder is a remote (and not local) one.

ftp managers, new feature:

report size of folders.

if this is not a native operation, then calculate from files withing that folder

user defines size of the remote drive and the software warns him when this limit is exceeded to prevent idiotic penalties

IE as ftp client

  • auto disabled if icons are not tiles
  • use synchronize instead
  • send into recycle bin on delete
  • open within the window