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  • idiotic forum software. When companies use super crippled forum software that is impossible to use. Single required feature – post subscription, especially by default. Best example of idiotic forum – Firefox support website.
  • firefox display item location in bookmark manager search results
  • Two settings that should not have a permanent effect – save page as html only, and set page to be in landscape mode. As these settings, being propagated once set, always bite you on the butt.
  • Make a single dev-team supported universal bookmark sync to user webspace solution (NOT TO PAID OR THIRD PARTY WEBSITE SOLUTION)
  • fox - timeout on save session dialog, esp on shutdown
  • my fox add on always suggest just domain no matter what history or bookmarks say

firefox utils needed:

  • bookmark just selected tabs
  • go thru tabs with right and left arrow keys
  • close duplicate tabs
  • show which tabs have already been bookmarked

fox utilities:

1) eliminate tabs already bookmarked

2) DO NOT OVERWRITE when adding tabs from bookmark manager or right click many tabs opening+linky

3) in right click many tabs open - option to not open any links previously opened

4) utils to deal with many bookmarks, tabs, links