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  • common name table
  • application usability table
  • Trademark or commercial name lookup table
Common name: Type: Main use / applications: Method of operation Characteristic Directions for use Brand names / trademarks Problems c
Super Glue Cyanoacrylate Plastics, thin gap Evaporative/drying solvent Apply sparingly to one site. Make sure parts fit with small gap. Press together immediately, hold for 30 seconds.
For immediate cure, use <link>. To unglue fingers, use <link>.
Epoxy Mix together.
Contact cement Contact
White glue, paper glue, wood glue, yellow glue Porous surfaces Emulsion Porous surfaces
Plastic solvent cement Clean surfaces to be bonded. Apply to one surface. Press together immediately. Hold for 30 seconds.

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  • Super glue (cyanoacrylate) (zero gap, apply very light, ttm cure)
  • white glue, paper glue, wood glue, yellow glue (porous materials)
  • glue stick
  • epoxy
  • vinyl repair
  • E-6000 (unknown type) (flexible, water proof) (stupid no use directions)
  • plastic solvent cement (evaporative) (plastic)
  • contact cement
  • plastic bonder (super glue and activator)
  • gorilla glue (type: needs damping)
  • wallpaper glue
  • carpet glue

stupid: no type, no directions: Multi-Grip, Ace all purpose adhesive,

  • why glue failed for magnets and shower
  • find one for light fixture

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