How to Make Money Online

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  • License idea about a consumer device improvements, or design improvement, no patent
  • suggestion or idea to approach others and make money from
  • new category: very hard but very high eventual payout items that are urgent: myOS+myComputer, consolidated software/products, reviews, Internet, cop alert
  • immediate license ideas
  • poss startup ideas
  • software problem to document and try to fix / open source/extension
  • web service / online subscription service / Internet programming required web service
  • sell/resell online / internet-based selling of my own devices
  • research areas
  • uses for my new desktop
  • website todo
  • document / stuff to research and then document online / online article / write about something wrong, then try to fix / write a review on
  • how to make enough money from licensing and selling to make a company to produce consumer devices and software without vcs
  • advertisements
  • Internet programming required web service
  • internet-based selling of my own devices
  • open source/extension
  • currently promising/ideas i like: web services, advertisements, reselling, etc to make money