Longest Distance Radio

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Longest Distance Radio

voice communication frequencies

CB - 4W, 27MHz, range w max power? Get car antenna, rf amplifier 100w mobile

2m. MURS?, 2W wo license, range w max power?

GMRS - 50W, 460MHz, license, range w max power?

radio power:

CB is next to useless, being that it's AM, with legal 5 watts of power. On the HF bands, (160 to 10 meters) HAM radio operators can use 1500 watts, side band can give you the range and skip to talk half way around the world. FM is good for line of sight, 6 meter (50mhz,) 2 meter (146 mhz.) and .7 meter (450 mhz) useing repeaters. CW will work where other modes cannot. FRS is limited to 5 watts and is 460 mhz FM. GMRS is limited to 200 watts and is 460 mhz FM.

That said, in the US a Ham license (Technician class) is so easy to get these days (my kids got theirs at 7 and 9 respectively). My wife did the exam at the same time as our youngest, so we're a complete set of Hams . The equipment is relatively inexpensive if you're after straight 2M gear. Around $120 gets you a good 5W capable 2M handheld (also most a waterproof) and about the same for a 50W capable rig for the vehicle (add another $50 - $80 for a good mount and antenna). The equipment can generally be connected with a PC for downloading/uploading/cloning of frequencies, power outputs, alpha tags etc etc. I'm often boggled how cheap the Ham gear is versus the junky consumer walkie talkies.