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P2P Networks portal

  • develop a universal consolidated p2p download client that will be able to access absolutely all files and networks as well as being dead-grandma-simple. also provide a single search window inside the client instead of going to several "complete" websites to search for files (eliminate the geegle torrent search process). also access all files from internet, forums, bulletin boards, etc from a single search box

Internet service (especially for p2p downloaded movies):

  • soundtracks, jacket pics, bonus material, credits sequence, etc.
  • Make an online torrent movie soundtrack and jacket sharing service.
  • Find or make a universal subtitles website (opensubtitles.org and others like it are crap and all ads. They do not actually make any of the subtitiles themselves. Make a site where the users will make subtitles themselves instead of copying one from a DVD.)
  • full cast of all shows
  • all shows openers, transfers to ads, and closings
  • all show music
  • all DVD labels and jacket pics
  • urgent: document or create high resolution DVD jacket scans website service. web search terms it must appear at: DVD jacket, DVD sleeve, DVD box, DVD cover, DVD picture, DVD scan

  • 99 percent p2p download problem: make a server that will host absolutely all files on the p2p networks, but will limit each file to a very slow speed for each connection and in total. for those situations where a small portion of a file no one seems to have
  • problem: sub-nominal p2p networks download rates. possible service: access files from "retransmit" servers which will also solve the problem of "missing chunks", 99.9% problems. if file is not available, the server can still download it much faster because it will be connected to other fast servers on fast links. user can then download the ready file at the high possible download rate that his ISP allows.
  • ws a site to index absolutely all p2p networks
  • i develop a web service to search absolutely all files and networks (like p2p, etc) online and download them from a web service (either access top servers directly or wait for server to download the file with a p2p client from peers), and then the user will download the complete file fast. files will reside on the server for a limited time. useful for times when the file download process is slower, or much slower, than the network connection speed. will probably be a subscription service.
  • develop a network and servers to combine all previous p2p networks into one

consolidate tracker websites so that all features will be available on one site

  • all torrents
  • notify when password is used
  • deprecate use of files broken into short rar files
  • deprecate use of rar files
  • deprecate use of passwords
  • alert users of unlocked files alongside when locked ones are displayed
  • host all torrents
  • host any language
  • clearly display language
  • allow users to say torrent is foreign/trash/etc
  • track tracking torrents and dump
  • clearly display files with multiple tracks or subtitles
  • show release dates
  • no adult material whatsoever
  • spell check uploads and force categorization
  • eliminate wrong filenames and duplicate files
  • transfer from all other networks (like Limewire, etc)
  • server must be able to query all the torrents it hosts and see of files have some unobtainable chunks. if so, raise an alarm, and do not let users download the files. this should be the only needed way to report on files instead of all other methods now used

a separate site will only host adult material for those times when such material is all a user searches for.

BIIL ws reevaluation clean simple easy to use categorized torrents site:

  • all torrents are human parsed
  • required language specification
  • no alt content or advertising
  • no codecs/passwords
  • no crap piled all over user's screen
  • no incomplete availability torrents listed at all
  • organized episodes
  • episodes calendar
  • shows chooser/recommendation
  • e-mail release alerts
  • no pre-dvd-release content
  • bonus content (subtitles, jacket pics, review, rating, synopsis, links, other like it, etc)
  • service idea: make a shows torrent site
    1. i P2P networks must group the episodes files of a tv show by the episode number, combining them in season listings, etc to eliminate idiotic replication, long search results, etc etc
    2. list torrents in episode order, with multiple versions side by side
    3. clean up all torrents, including their names, etc. if some are improperly named, then rename them.
    4. gather all single episodes into season packs after season ends and discontinue listing of individual episodes.
    5. upload and gather content missing on other sites (lk mythbusters 4, 5, etc)
    6. paid membership: no ads and users get rss or email alerts whenever an episode appears. users click on link in e-mail and start download.
    7. take paid user's requests for torrents, and have a managed "shout box"

my p2p client

  • will connect to all non-proprietary networks
  • zero setup and options
  • simple
  • will replace all other p2p clients
  • no ports have to be opened
  • block all porn, junk, and viruses (this cannot be disabled)
  • integrated search that will replace ALL searching sites
  • no installation needed
  • no-brainer release/feed subscription

improvements to p2p protocol:

1) connect based on location, to closest ips first

2) when seeding, seed only least available portions first. fe if only one person has a piece, the protocol must download that piece as soon as possible with high priority (while it is still there), and continue to give it higher priority untill availability of that piece increases

new information ownership outline: how to transition to the next intelligent step

  • forbid individual suing of p2p users
  • fine in the amount of actual cost of content obtained free plus some reasonable fee for the "service" of searching for those people
  • allow people to copy dvd movies
  • remove dvd regions
  • provide an open database of out-of copyright content. provide alert service for new content that just expired copyright
  • mandate a service to buy movies and tv shows
  • forbid renting or expiring of content that user purchased (tv shows, movies, renting, limited watch time, self-destruct dvds, etc)
  • allow users to explicitly do whatever they want when they subscribe
  • to a cable channel, including time shifting, recording, transmittion to remote location, or watching anywhere on any device
  • forbid drm specific to one file format, one device, one network, one software, etc

make an open source best drm that will both allow playback on absolutely all players, storage on absolutely all devices, and at the same time be set up to obtain fee from each user, or not allow copying from one user to another

  • think out and implement an alternative to the current process where artists create something original, but it takes a multibillion industry to promote their content for the masses. instead, a way is needed where anything that is good is reviewed, and is recommended and linked to by others so others can enjoy it, at very low cost for everyone.

most importantly, make it that the quality, easiness, and speed of the legal process of obtaining something greatly outweights the low quality, slow, very manual, and hard process of obtaining pirated content.

what sounds like the best system would be digital watermarking of absolutely every single piece of content for it to be traceable, and also internet connection each time the file is played to see if that file belongs to that user and that it has not been blacklisted. also this way, if illegal copies are detected, then it can at least be found who actually the original belonged to and to investigate. this marking of each piece of course is not very economical if physical cd copies are manufactured, or a show is broadcast nationally. however, when this content is instead streamed or downloaded individually, it is possible.

possible workarounds - trans-coding, file format conversion, and software to randomly modify file bits