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BOOK how to bring the paperless office closer to reality: take any ordinary office or desk job and consolidate everything physical i would see into the computer:

  • "myDigitalTable" software app: A window on desktop that would replace all items in offices with a collection of programs, widgets, and shortcuts.
  • telephone
  • contacts holder wheel
  • todo/task list
  • calendars
  • post-it notes
  • books
  • magazines/publications
  • reminders
  • address book
  • printouts of all sorts that are displayed throughout
  • separate fax/copy/printer units
  • paper forms (maintain as remotely updateable files on computer)
  • queue systems
  • stamps
  • general passing of paper by fax
  • billing systems
  • receipts
  • mail
  • advertisements of all sorts
  • documentation/information paper storage
  • filing systems
  • reference information stored on paper, including books
  • subscriptions and publications
  • catalogs
  • pens and paper
  • reference printouts
  • photos
  • notepad
  • clocks, calendars, organizers

how to reduce and replace paper use:

  1. tell people how to select wise printing options, esp with internet printouts
  2. make a feature for firefox to eliminate blank pages, or let user check for them
  3. document stupid use of printouts for paper, such as e-mail and notice printouts, webpage, and fax printouts.
  4. develop a plastic marker-eraseable or physically rewritteable (i.e. by making it possible to have words come out in plastic, either on surface or throughout the thickness; and them somehow rewrite this to say something else)