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  • e ideas for music players: display other information lk jacket, internet artist info, lyrics, other information, etc while playing the song

Music player ideas

  • no color display
  • remove files or move to diff list
  • expandable
  • removable battery
  • upgradeable
  • equalizer
  • multiple lines on display
  • built in microphone
  • as a hard drive
  • variable rewind / fast forward

My portable music player features

  • Playlist--based playing (genre, tempo, mood, which to ignore, how many times listened, which already played in random/shuffle mode)
  • Playlist must be universal, exportable, and usable in portable media devices.
  • Very simple DJ/genre software can then be used on the portable player to select the music, as the playlist will contain all descriptive data in itself in an open format.
  • Will allow music to be used without any organization, or even correct file names (but will fix and maintain those problems on a powerful player like a PC)