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Programmable Logic portal

universal programmable logic chip:

  • A low cost minimal number of gates FPGA with all digital functions. Drag and drop programming
  • hobby and prototype electronics
  • replace all "tin can" logic with one programmable part


  • lookup chip label or logic family.
  • program as a standard device by inputting chip label
  • extract current chip programming
  • extract data on chip like mfg date and number of times programmed
  • provide custom logic/outline creation
  • produce simulation capabilities (incl. fully virtual labs)

sell a dedicated handheld programmer with touchscreen & on-display keyboard

also available as an open-source cross-platform software

hardware: most common package size & outline should be the same as most popular logic chips (i.e. a 14-pi din)

niche app chips:

  • fe, develop an ultra small, ultra easy to program, ultra low power uP without crap like pipeline & branch prediction, etc and on the other hand include features such as an ultra large ultra fast cache memory
  • also develop niche chips like ultra wide SIMD chips & ultra fast math processors