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Zero-energy civilization. Stupidities of the current one:

  • 1-4 ton vehicles to move a single 100kg person
  • urban-suburban model where long daily transportation is required (work, shops, entertainment, etc)
  • Daily movement to and from business offices (as opposed to work at home)
  • office cubicle model
  • energy spent on business buildings, lighting, a/c, heating, computers, etc
  • 1-5 cars per family
  • huge cars like SUVs, hummer
  • huge road infrastructure

template for a sufficient person:

  • try to build and repair things yourself without depending on others
  • minimize your dependencies on others
  • write down things that come into your mind
  • lookup things you do not understand
  • devote some time to hands-on exploration
  • analyze and criticize yourself
  • do not trust others and do not assume others are always right
  • plan and accomplish
  • if you do not see anything wrong around you, then you are wrong
  • improve yourself
  • do not act like the crowd
  • try something new
  • learn more that you are being required to
  • do not spend time on useless things that everyone else does as it is improbable you would accomplish anything that everyone else has not (clothing, mating, family, dancing, going after the opposite gender, jewelry, expensive purchases, sports, politics, TV, gaming)
  • highschool+college will teach you absolutely nothing useful while they will make an extremely high amount of money on you. you should be thankful if you do not end up with a debt

e things that will have to drastically change (alert those who will be alerted):

  • computing
  • education
  • limited oil
  • limited information, esp on Internet

something to think about: it looks like US will no longer matter in a few decades.

currently there are the following problems with US:

  • presence of secretive groups with a lot of political and financial control
  • too much power in the banking system and treasury/"federal" money
  • printing department (federal reserve?)
  • dysfunctional political system
  • need to continually fight wars on fake premises to keep up money, prestige, and power
  • very real possibility of short death because of an emp weapon, a nuclear attack, few dirty bombs, hacker attack, attack on power
  • grid, biological attack, financial system collapse, withdrawal of top monetary funds from us, countries no longer accepting us debt, and a transfer to other currency

in my opinion, either one of the above will happen, or many monetary funds and ultra rich people will transfer to other currency and funding and investments into asia, center asia region, Africa, etc.

if any of the items above will happen, US overnight will collapse like soviet union did and become a country that no longer matters like Russia and Canada, while nothing physical may happen.

therefore the following solutions are needed:

  1. somehow free control from secretive groups, banking system, federal reserve, and ultra rich people and families
  2. free control from politicians with unknown agenda
  3. transform the monetary situation
  4. develop a next generation energy source (clean fission, fusion, solar are all equivally good) that will free US from oil, control from mega corporations in energy, and conflicts based on oil and need to upkeep money/power. then, developing countries can be allowed to develop on mega money from former US money pools while US will be spared a financial meltdown and breakdown.