Secret Areas (AS2R) - Intro

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Self-Treatment: Slowly regenerate health

Quick Learner: "Knowledge/Intelligence" points. Advance quicker.

Economist: Discover more money. In more places?

Night Vision. Most useless perk.

Vampire: Drain health from enemies to add to yours.

Hypnotist: Control enemies to attack their own kind.

Observer: spot hidden areas with a briefly appearing red error on map. Most useful perk.

Boxer: Punch enemies if not equipped with a gun. Most useless perk.

Character to choose

Pick anyone you like, but I suggest strength over anything else. In Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded, strength determines how much ammo to carry. In Alien Shooter: Vengeance, strength determines how much equipment and ammo you can carry and is CRITICAL.

If you want a fragile girl against the invading alien horde, I recommend Nina Rossow for your character. You can choose color of your "armor", and add to her skill (green plus signs).