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Instead of people insanely releasing more and more CMSes that are not at all needed, they need to combine resources to release a CMS that is actually very much needed, and one that does not even exist yet.

Idea: Combine a CMS, Wiki, Forum, multidomain/multiwebsite, in-page commenting, etc into a single package.

  • Limitations of a standard CMS: ordinary visitors cannot edit pages easily.
  • Limitations of wiki: separate design, content, and markup. Everything is barebones. Separate from main website.
  • Limitations of in-page commenting and forums: in-page comments can run very long. Forum is separate from main page and not linked to articles and individual pages.
  • Limitations of all online media -- publishing is completely different. Very hard to implement a book or magazine successfully online by using the html "page" mentality.

hybrid cms project: website, forum, wiki, shopping consolidated

  • proofreading feature for Content Management Systems: anyone can be given a guest login to spell check or proofread a website. editor/admin then will be able to see a list of changes and apply them if he decides to.

new cms concepts and ideas:

  • content blocks first, then put in pages
  • ecommerce
  • OS and publishing integration. linux – myOS
  • module - differential bw single pic and pic gallery

  • hybrid cms project: website, forum, wiki, shopping consolidated