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House wireless and wired appliance control portal. Appliance control portal

Best app for wireless switches is not to replace ordinary switches, but add functionality impossible with regular switches:

  • 1.three way switches and more with a single wire; or an easy way to add a three-way switch where there was no wiring before for a three-way control
  • 2.replace single bathroom switch with two for light and fan without adding wires
  • 3.moveable switches, esp in business
  • 4.replace ceiling fan pull chain control with wall switch or remote control (no need to get up)
  • 5.ability to control a large number of task/directional lighting without large number of switches and places where they are located, but from a single remote
  • 6.add motion sensors or occupancy sensors
  • 7.control an appliance remotely from anywhere
  • 8.integrate lighting with alarm
  • 9.automate lights or appliances
  • 10.i concurrent wireless load switcher (detects load in an outlet)

  • BIIL control over existing house wires killer app: a killer app is controlling several functions over a single wire in areas like the room fan (fan settings, control of several lights), and especially the bathroom (light and exhaust fan control, etc), and motion lights (always on or auto). make the switch + appliance combo that does not cost a lot and sell as a unit

However, problems exist:

  • 1.users must understand diff bw x10 and wireless control
  • 2.users may or may not need the more complicated modules that allow central control
  • 3.there exist control solutions that are not standardized nor reviewed.
  • 4.Web service: I should make an “average-guy” website on all options so noone needs to be an expert on wireless or specific knowledge to decide on a system (presenting a choice between two wireless systems is not an option)

Add to the advantages of wireless light control:

  • 1.control lights from a bed without getting up or cycle different lights without approaching them (with all of their different switches)
  • 2.convert any light socket and switch onto one with controllable brightness with myBulb
  • 3.switch from area lighting to task lighting instead
  • 4.i remote motion or presence sensors that can be mounted anywhere on walls without any wires can be used to control the lights